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Poetry is a rusted knife which has to act with scalpel's precision.

Poetry is everywhere. Poetry's beauty lies encrusted under wounds' shallowness. So we have to scratch the scab and let us bleed. That's what I try to do with poetry, photography and cinema. There's too much beauty inside every single thing. It doesn't matter how hard or high or intense is poetry's commotion; my will is to catch those endless emotions and impress them through something I'd like to call art. 


Life's an art amalgam. Ugliness is beautiful. Pain is beautiful. A burnt petal in an ashtray, a drunk man singing against the ground, an old woman trying to reach the heaven in a bingo club. Art, poetry and beauty are everything. I want to freeze you while kissing with your fist your room door, I want to steal the moment you feel the breeze fitting in your pores like a thin blazing needle.


I'm in the service of that mystical darkness. We all have rituals. Mine is this. Let's try to tense beauty's tendons, let's make poetry something palpable although it always remain ethereal. You are art. We are an amalgam. And poetry is going to proof its cathartic surgery with us. 

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