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In this section you can find a sort of different things I like to do with photography. There's always space enough to increase possibilities. 



In TACTILITY DETAILS you'll find pics of my hands and fingers. I don't have a very special hands but they're mine, so I love them and try to express their life through photography. I like to capture the blood if they're wounded or its peeled skin because of playing guitar.


In this case, the use of my hands is totally different. Here's a nightmare ambience I created during a self exile. Solitude made my hands become independent living beings which started to possess my environment.



Normally, I try to avoid people when I'm taking non-portrait photographs. However, I also like to explore strangers as you can see here.


I take a lot of pics of myself not because of ego but because of the will of self-analysis I have. I don't like looking at me in front of the mirror so I use photography to find myself. Every day everybody's face expression is different although its variance seems to be light. 

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